Team Express

We have a fantastic team here at Express, based across our headquarters in Hinckley and our Northwest site.

The Express team is made up of a selective group of industry operators, each with great experience that they bring to their role. Our collective experience of over 50 years in the industry enables us to acutely understand our customer’s needs, and deliver results time and time again.

Meet the team

Liam O'Neill

Managing Director / Co-owner

Nick Winder


Shaun Griffiths

Head of Operations

Jo Winder

Finance Director

Caroline Parker

Head of Marketing

Kerry Bateman

Financial Assistant

Laura Carpenter

Fleet Maintenance Controller

Alexandra Latea

Traffic Operator

Georgina Devey

Transport Supervisor

Toni Curran

Transport Co-ordinator

Kelly Dalton

Transport Manager

Our drivers

The Express driver community is made up of a fantastic team of experienced and qualified drivers that safely serve our customers out on the road. We’re proud of the driver community we have built so far at Express, and work hard to ensure they enjoy a positive and rewarding working environment.

DFDS have worked with Express Logistics Group now for 2 years and I’d 100% recommend Liam and his team. They live up to their philosophy of ‘to the point transport’. Customer service and excellent communication is key for us at DFDS, it enables us to deliver exceptional service to our customers and partners.

Adam Joslin

DFDS - Operations Manager